Walking in My Shoes

” I’m not looking for a clearer conscience
Peace of mind after what I’ve been through
And before we talk of any repentance
Try walking in my shoes (…)
Now I’m not looking for absolution
Forgivness for the things I do
But before you come to any conclusions
Try walking in my shoes (…)
You’ll stumble in my footsteps
Keep the same appointments I kep
If you try walking in my shoes”

Lyrics by M.L. Gore //Depeche Mode

The Opening

When there’s so much darkness closing in, just swerve around slowly, You’ll find an opening. A light will appear like an animal between the trees. There you’ll find your pocket of peace, Make a perfect circle, it’s all around you. (…) It’s not too late to find an opening.”

Lyrics by Ane Brun